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Signature Ingredients

This delectable dish contains the following ingredients:

- 100% Natural Ground Chuck Beef -

This is a fully natural beef that has been cut from the shoulder. It contains enough fat to give you a mouthwatering flavor and juiciness. The beef is 80% lean and 20% fat. It is always freshly prepared and is never frozen, so the dish you get is of the best quality.


- Shrimp - 

The shrimp is raw. It is peeled, deveined and cleaned by hand.


- Cheddar Cheese Velveeta Blend - 

This is a processed cheese product which tastes like the American cheese, having a softer and smoother texture than that of regular cheese. Because of this, when it melts in your mouth, it retains a fully integrated and evenly clump-free liquid texture.


- Diced Rotel & Signature Seasoning Blend -

A great blend of diced tomatoes and green chili that adds boldness to my dish. After handpicking a chosen few savory herbs and spices, I mixed them up ..  sprinkled them up and through the ground chuck beef,  mixing all of them together to bring you that delightful taste!