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About Us

Let me share with you my journey to “TheDowntownDipp”. 

My name is Katie, owner of Issa Snack Express and creator of the infamous "Downtown Dipp". As a young parent and a full time dental assistant, whatever time I had, it was for SNACKS. When I was growing up, my mother, a former caterer, used to cook in the kitchen. I always left my house smelling like fresh seasoning and her cooking. It made being in the kitchen and around cooking very natural to me.  After graduating from high school as a young mother, I moved out on my own to create a home for my son and I. And ironically, my son's very first words were "eat, eat" -- which just shows how big of a role cooking and food plays in my life. 

I am a TRUE spicy, Cajun foodie. Any dish with garlic or spice wins in my book! Every food I really enjoy has a rich, spicy, Cajun flavor and uniqueness about it. I like adding my own touch to my favorite shared and popular recipes. After trying this family recipe, close friends and co-workers inspired me to make it myself. I added my Cajun twist to it, then it got popular through word of mouth and Instagram. 

With my signature touch, custom herb and spice blends, and cooking skills, I've managed to create one of the most talked about and sought after snack in New Orleans! My dream is to take it across the world! 

Because of the outpouring of support from my loved ones and loyal customers. My family and friends admired my culinary skills, but thousands of customers giving consistently sharing rave reviews about my dish is humbling.  They say nobody makes it like you and it's really true. I'm blessed to be able to share my gifts and talents with the world.